PRESTON offers convertible USD corporate bonds

September 6, 2022

In truth, PRESTON is developing. Last month had opening of the Hungarian office in Budapest, and we are now expanding on to the following market. In September, our corporation will be established in Romania. In order to finance our Sun Beach Resort Project, we believe it is necessary to issue corporate bonds in both CZK and USD. 

About the Sun Beach Resort

On the beautiful Al Marjan Island in Ras Al Khaimah, which is north of Dubai, we are building a four-star hotel and resort. We are offering the apartments for sale. Invest in PRESTON's corporate bonds or investment apartments for the attractive interest rates we offer.

Purchasing an apartment has a number of advantages. 

First of all, compared to investing the same amount in real estate, this represents an above-average return. Only 1% to 2% of an apartment investment yields an annual return. The interest rate for your apartment is 6% per year. In addition, the investor owns a piece of real estate in the United Arab Emirates and applies for a residency visa with a host of other advantages. There is no need to bother about management because EARTH Hotels will take care of everything. More information:

US Dollar Emission

We offer USD based corporate bonds for clients who want to keep their funds in a more stable currency. Buy corporate bonds and then transfer your investment directly to an apartment with flexible contract. Bonds are suitable for investors seeking a higher rate of return on their savings than, say, term deposits or savings accounts. The number of bonds is unlimited; purchases can start at 1 piece. PRESTON Business, s.r.o. issues bonds based on a prospectus released by the Czech National Bank. It is the same company that owns the subsidiary PRESTON Development FZ-LLC that owns the land. More information:

We desire to provide you with just some information relating to the new US Dollar emission.

You earn a total yield of 15 800 USD on a 50 000 USD investment. 

In a few simple steps, you can purchase our corporate bonds online. If you are interested fill the form here:

Your contact person contact you shortly and share more information about the USD emission. 

You can contact us by phone: +420 530 515 799 or by email: