PRESTON teams up with environmentally friendly Earth Hotels

June 8, 2022

It's settled. Sun Beach Hotel Resort will be operated by Flamingo Management Consulting. The world's leading operator will connect our Resort with the lifestyle brand Earth Hotels, which targets Generation Z and Millennials. Currently, this group makes up 48 % of the world's population.

BRNO / RAS AL KHAIMAH - On 24. 02. 2022, PRESTON Capital signed a contract with hotel operator Flamingo Hotel Management and Consulting (FHMC). It is on the way to become a leading company in hospitality management and consulting in the Middle East and North Africa. FHMC operates over 60 hotels in 22 markets on behalf of multinational brands. It will team up our project Sun Beach Hotel Resort  with lifestyle brand Earth Hotels, in which FHMC is a shareholder.

Earth Hotels focuses on Generation Z and Millennials, i.e. people between the ages of approximately 19 and 40. A specific feature of these groups is the focus on digitization. Generation Z and Millennials have adapted to digital technologies and they have become part of their daily lives. Experiences are important to them, they seek adventure and perceive travelling as an opportunity to explore the world or a way to escape.

They are characterized by environmental awareness and brand responsibility. These are generations that are actively interested in the origin of goods and the impact of production on the planet. They are willing to pay extra for sustainable solutions. Generation Z and Millennials currently make up 48 % of the world's population and are becoming the most important consumer group. The concept of the Earth Hotels chain meets these requirements. 

Hotel Earth measure guest's carbon footprint

The brand focuses on sustainability, unique style and creating personalized experiences. Sun Beach Hotel Resort visitors can look forward to a digitized hotel. They won't even need room keys. Processes such as check-in and door locking can be handled via a mobile app. This app will also allow them to measure their carbon footprint and energy consumption of their stay. Integrated technologies will allow them to create the desired atmosphere in the room using music or videos.

Earth Hotels belongs among the so-called plastic-free brands. These are companies that are trying to reduce the production of plastic waste. They reject single-use plastics and plastic packaging and are looking for alternative solutions. The brand supports local producers and growers, from whom they buy goods and food. So guests can await great, locally sourced food. They can also look forward to programs for individuals and families and goods from local brands.

The epicentre of every Earth brand hotel is a lounge with a multi-purpose space, a gaming zone, a retail zone and a coworking space. In terms of construction, it will be a modular building. This type allows for faster and more efficient construction.

Leading operator in the MENA region

Operator FHMC currently licenses some of the world's strongest hotel brands. Among them is Royal Tulip, a chain of five-star deluxe hotels. Sarovar Hotels & Resorts hearing the needs of modern travellers. The Kyriad brand, which operates three and four-star hotels, and Tulip Inn, which operates three-star.

The company aims to become the leading hotel operator in the MENA region, i.e. the Middle East and North African countries.