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We are a Czech financial group

Our philosophy is long-term appreciation of our own and entrusted capital through gradual growth. In particular, we focus on three key areas of activity. These are the real estate business, the sustainable energy industry and technology start-ups.

Filip Navrátil founded the company in 2016 and gradually brought together a team of professionals with many years of experience in the industry.

Composition of the investment portfolio of PRESTON Capital a.s.

Composition of the investment portfolio of PRESTON Capital a.s.

Real Estate

Outside the Czech Republic we search for and finance real estate 
projects mainly in foreign markets outside the European Union.

Energy Sector

We invest in sustainable energy projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Private Equity

We enter companies that are at the beginning and are looking for the necessary capital. We have several start-up projects of our own, e.g. in the field of commercial air transport.



Industry: Real-Estate
Market: Non-European
Share: Majority

PRESTON Business's activity is to find and finance real estate projects with high investment potential. We focus primarily on foreign investment outside the European Union. For real estate investments, we select only locations with already established infrastructure and friendly legislation. We emphasize a clear and simple construction management process, including other partial permits. 

Industry: Private Equity
Market: Czech Republic, Slovakia
Share: Minority

Complete IT services provider in the field of finance. PRESTON IT deals with software development, website creation and online marketing, to the meet all needs of the client. They create  everything from simple microsites to large e-shops. The company's flagship product is BondSys, a comprehensive bond management software.

Industry: Private Equity
Market: Central Europe
Share: Majority

Private flight broker for individuals and groups. Aero taxi PRESTON Aviation offers fast and discreet transport. There are various types of private planes and helicopters that operate throughout the Czech Republic and in neighboring countries. The service is especially reserved for PRESTON Capital clients.

Industry: Private Equity
Market: Central Europe
Share: Majority

PRESTON Energo is a part of the financial group PRESTON Capital. We focus on biogas plants, where we see great potential. Biogas can be used for both electricity and heat production and can also be used as a fuel in transport.

We manage the portfolio in order to evaluate our own and entrusted finances. I appreciate every investor for their trust, and I am glad that together we can continue to participate in Czech and foreign investment opportunities.

Filip Navrátil

Founder and Managing Partner


Czech company to build hotel complex in Dubai

Czech company to build hotel complex in Dubai


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with PRESTON Finance

The company offers capital appreciation opportunities for all types of investors. We have extensive offers suitable for diversifying investment portfolios.

Guardian Sky Club

Guardian Sky is an exclusive investor club in which we bring together investors and people interested in investing. We provide members with new contacts and new investment opportunities.

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Municipality PROGRAM

Our company offers opportunities for financial appreciation for all types of investors. Our clients include not only the retail investor sector, but also associations, churches and municipalities. Find out what our company can bring to you.

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Our company focuses on real estate business, mainly in non-European locations. We offer investors the possibility of attractive investments in bonds or investment apartments.
We bring to the Czech Republic investment opportunities for our clients that are not common and still meet the expectations of conservative investors. We are constantly developing our network of external intermediaries and thus the distribution of our investment products.

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04 / 05 / 2023

Are the Emirates really a worthable country for investment?

Most investors still prefer stocks of Western companies, especially American ones. Other opportunities abroad are not considered credible. Yet the UAE is a country that any good investor should consider. Read on to find out what it has to offer and how you can tell if a location is thriving.


06 / 04 / 2023

United Arab Emirates - Are they really a paradise for investors?

Czech and foreign investors are discovering the magic of investing in the Emirates, and the location is building a stronger and stronger reputation. In this article, we explain why this is the case. We have selected the 3 biggest advantages of the location that European countries do not offer for you.


17 / 10 / 2022

Future Hospitality Summit is heading towards sustainability, just like us in PRESTON Capital!

Between September 19 and 21, our CEO Filip Navrátil participated in the Future Hospitality Summit. The main topics of the summit were sustainability and innovation in the hotel and hospitality industry. The conference was an opportunity for Filip not only to gain new knowledge, but also to strengthen PRESTON networking.


06 / 09 / 2022

PRESTON offers convertible USD corporate bonds

In truth, PRESTON is developing. Last month had opening of the Hungarian office in Budapest, and we are now expanding on to the following market. In September, our corporation will be established in Romania. In order to finance our Sun Beach Resort Project, we believe it is necessary to issue corporate bonds in both CZK and USD. 


08 / 06 / 2022

PRESTON teams up with environmentally friendly Earth Hotels

It's settled. Sun Beach Hotel Resort will be operated by Flamingo Management Consulting. The world's leading operator will connect our Resort with the lifestyle brand Earth Hotels, which targets Generation Z and Millennials. Currently, this group makes to 48 % of the world's population.